Anthony Christopher – Producer, CC1 Media

“I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone connect with an audience the way you do! In addition to your magic talent and comedic timing, there is such a “likability” factor that is totally captivating.”

Rick Honey

“Your reputation preceded you when I met you. Amongst your peers (if there are any) you were highly regarded in the industry, and a performerthat others look up to.”

R.G. Smith

“You opened a show that was deemed by many as one of the best Society of American Magicians shows, ever. The entire tone for that success was set by your unique, high-energy magic act. WOW! If any producer or event planner needs a reference on your talent, they should...

World Financial Group

“You were a huge HIT! We had just under 12,000 attendees and every one of them loved you! Thanks!”